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Both Heather and Andy are British Weightlifting Level 2



Olympic Weightlifting
Strength & Conditioning
Strength Training
General fitness / weightloss

Favourite Lift

Worst Lift

Current numbers
Snatch - 58kg
C&J - 76kg
Squat - 125kg
Deadlift - 150kg

I'm a British Weightlifting instructor based in Warrington, and will be teaching classes, offering programming and personal coaching to clients. Other than coaching, I have years of experience working in nurseries with 0-5's before moving into working in schools, particularly ASD (autism) bases and SEN schools. She holds a postgraduate in Early Childhood, and a postgraduate in therapeutic play studies having trained as a play therapist for children, as well as childcare and multiple special needs qualifications including autism and speech and language. I am also DBS checked. At Pride Performance, we offer an inclusive gym where every age and ability can attend, and special educational needs will be met where possible.

I got into strength training  when I attempted to squat in a commercial gym, on my own, and although I enjoyed it, knew I needed more help. I very nervously joined a gym which was known for weightlifting and took it from there! Trust me, I understand if you're scared or don't think you're strong enough etc, I was absolutely terrified! I literally hid in a bush for 40 minutes in the freezing cold because I was nervous about going in to a strength gym. I had so many questions and thoughts running around my head; what if I wasn't good enough?, they're all so strong, what if they laugh at me?, what if I can't do it?. Luckily, a member of the gym found me as he was leaving and took me inside introducing me to everyone in the gym. I couldn't believe how friendly everybody was and how wrong I'd been!

At first, I got into lifting my compound movements, squat, bench and deadlift and with the support and advice of people around me in the gym, I noticed a huge progression in my own lifting. Although I love these lifts, I knew I didn't want to compete in powerlifting. I decided I wanted to take up olympic weightlifting, and that's where I am now. I absolutely love the sport and my confidence has soared personally and in the gym since I began.

Although I coach a range of ages and abilities, I personally enjoy coaching beginners as I believe that being an olympic weightlifter myself who has progressed from a nervous beginner to where I am today really helps to build relationships with my clients and to understand and support them through their journey.

My current goal is to continue to progress in olympic weightlifting and become competitive at a regional level.

Andy Jerk Pride Performance


Olympic Weightlifting
Strength Training
Athletic Performance

Favourite Lift

Worst Lift

Current Numbers
Snatch - 145kg
C&J - 170kg
Squat - 245kg
Deadlift - 270kg

I'm a British Weightlifting Coach based in Warrington, and will be teaching classes, offering programming and personal coaching to clients. Outside of Pride Performance Gym, I'm a primary school teacher with a degree in both primary education and physical education (PE). This allows Pride Performance to be a gym which is suitable for all ages and abilities from 6 year olds to competitive athletes.

My first experience of strength training was around 8 years ago in a pursuit to improve my own athletic performance. At the time, I played basketball and my first goal was to be able to slam dunk a basketball. Within 12 months, I had improved my vertical jump significantly and achieved my goal. During this time, I fell in love with the barbell and began my journey into different realms of strength training.

Towards the end of university, I met like-minded people who introduced me to both olympic weightlifting and strongman, which led me to compete in multiple strongman competitions, winning one of them. Although I loved competing and strongman is extremely fun to train, my passion lay with olympic lifting as it offered me challenges that personally, no other sport had.

Over the last three years, I have been focusing solely on olympic weightlifting and have managed to improve my lifts to a nationally competitive standard. It was during this time that I decided to become a British Weightlifting Coach.

As I originally got into the sport of olympic weightlifting through wanting to improve my athletic performance in basketball to now being of a high national level standard, I understand and have experienced first hand not only how olympic weightlifting can drastically improve your athletic performance and transform you into a better athlete, but also how to progress as an weightlifting athlete.

I coach numerous competitive athletes including a nationally competitive strongwoman who is aiming for a World Record deadlift this year, an up and coming youth powerlifting athlete who I coached to achieving 4 North West Powerlifting records in his weightclass this year and a competitive strongman.

In addition to competitive athletes, I also coach complete beginners, those who want to take part in weightlifting for fun and fitness and under 18's.

My current goal is to get 200kg overhead and place at British Championships. Long term, I am working towards making the next Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022