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Pride's double expansion & refurb, August 2018

The plan

August 2018, just 5 months after opening, we were in a fantastic position to double the size of Pride Performance gym. The plan was to knock down 2 walls into the neighboring units to create the expansion which offers a huge amount of lifting platforms and an increased turf and matted area. We closed the gym 4pm Saturday 18th August and began to strip the old flooring out. We had a timeline of a week to complete the work ready for our free re-open day Saturday 25th August. With the huge amount of help which we recieved from all of our members, we were able to finish on the Thursday and enjoyed a celebratory pizza night with our Pride! We cannot express our thanks enough to everyone who came down and helped us this week, we couldn't have done this without you and we appreciate every bit of help we've had. When we originally built Pride, we said that we wanted to Pride to encompass all that we are; how we and our members feel, the community we are building and the gym itself; and this week has really shown that to us. We aren't just a gym, we're a family, a Pride.

The aim of the refurb was to create a larger area which offered the best possible lifting area as well as increasing the space for our classes and conditioning. The long 3.6m platforms mean that even when the squat stands, rig or jerk blocks are in use, the platforms can cater for atleast another 1 lifter, or even 2 depending on the movement they're doing, giving Pride platform space for approximately 10 or more lifters allowing the opportunity for more gym members, increased weightlifting club and class sizes. These lifting areas will also benefit our children's classes as they will be able to lift on individual platforms with more room to work on their technique as well as giving us a larger space to create fun, unique circuits which incorporate their accessory movements. The increase in the turf now allows us to use equipment inside which we couldn't previously such as the yoke and tyres. It has also allowed us to increase class size numbers, offer a changing room and offer a more comfortable area for parent's of children waiting during our children's classes. The children's area is now also easier to access for all children accompanying their parents to the gym.

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What changed?

Previous 10mx1m turf - After 18mx2 turf

Previous 2x 6m platforms - After 5x 3.6m platforms

+ Free standing rig

+ New heavy duty squat stands

+ Brand new 20mm thick matting, platforms and 18m turf

+ Changing room

+ 20sq metre matted area

+ Welcoming reception area with a sofa for children / parents and visitors to the gym

+ Increased space allows us to increase class sizes and an opportunity to offer more gym memberships

+ Increased space for the children's area

+ New 1kg wooden technique plates