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Pride’s Cubs (6-11)

Similar to gymnastics, children will learn how to use their bodies, to create movement patterns and to support their own body weight during both of our cubs classes.

Pride’s Barbell Cubs

Pride’s barbell cubs is a children's course which Pride Performance offers as an introduction to weightlifting for primary school aged children (6-11) using specialist technique equipment. Children will not be allowed to progress into using weight until they are ready to do so and progressions will be slow, steady and within their capable limit. Pride's barbell cubs classes are about allowing children to have fun, learn how they can move and to learn new techniques for a sport which is something different and exciting!

Pride’s Fit Cubs

Are you looking for a fun and different club for your Primary school aged children? Pride's Fit Cubs allows children to come to the gym and have some fun whilst training, using equipment they wouldn't usually be allowed too and getting fit while they're doing so. Pride's Fit Cubs is ran as a circuit style class with exercises ranging from kettle bells to body weight exercises such as press ups. If your child is wanting a little bit more, we also offer Pride's Barbell Cubs which is weightlifting for the same age. Pride's Fit Cubs is about allowing children to have fun, learn how they can move and get fit and active.

Both coaches are qualified with British Weightlifting, are DBS checked and have years of extensive experience with children and coaching. Andy is a primary school teacher with a degree in both primary education and physical education (PE), including teaching children around the world (China). Heather has years or experience working in nurseries with 0-5's before moving into working in schools, particularly ASD (autism) bases and SEN schools. She holds a postgraduate in Early Childhood, and a postgraduate in therapeutic play studies having trained as a play therapist for children, as well as childcare and multiple special needs qualifications including autism and speech and language.

These classes are run half termly inline with Warrington's school half terms.