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Can weight training improve athletic performance? Warrington Town Under 12’s Wizards Football Club Visit Pride

Sports performance training for local team!

Having only got into strength training through training for playing basketball, Andy understands more than many the importance of strength and conditioning training for athletic performance. Pride Performance youth member, Harvey Lewis, is part of Warrington Town Football Club’s Under 12 Wizards so we offered his whole team a free strength & conditioning team training session! It’s something really different to their usual football practice and it’s fun too.

Pride set up ready to go

Pride set up ready to go

“It was a great new experience”

“The kids from Warrington town under 12’s really enjoyed their session at Pride Performance Gym. The session was fun and very informative for the boys. Thanks very much”

The team came to Pride today in place of their usual football training with bounds of energy and motivation to train which is what we love to see!


To begin, the boys warmed up, we did 3 rounds of 30m turn run, 10 air squat, 10 jumps & 10 burpees. Great to see the drizzle didn't put anyone off!

We had some sore legs at the beginning of the session so we took this opportunity to teach the boys about foam rolling, stretching and mobility work! Great to see some hamstrings being rolled out.

We split them into 2 groups with either Heather or Andy and demonstrated the squat, seeing what they already knew and whether they had any previous experience. They then took it in turns to squat so we could make sure they were using correct and safe form! We also encouraged the boys to talk each-other through the techniques, coaching one another in their practices to re-enforce what they were learning!

“Training at Pride Performance has been one of my favourite experiences”

“It was very helpful and it was very fun”


This was repeated with the deadlift to again ensure correct and safe technique was being used! For the majority of these boys, squats and deadlifts were completely alien but they took everything on board and give it their all!


“Pride Performance were really helpful and over time could really help build my confidence”

“A brilliant opportunity for the lads to do something they have never done before and thoroughly enjoyed it”

Split into pairs, we used the rest of the session for a conditioning circuit

  • squats

  • box jumps

  • farmers walk

  • deadlift

  • tyre drags

  • duck walks


Me - “Has anyone ever heard of Eddie Hall?”
Boys - “WHO?!
Me – “World’s Strongest Man”
Boys – “OH yes, they flip tyres and drag trucks and run with big metal things. They’re really strong”

Me – “well guess what boys, we’re doing that today”
Boys – “YES YES” cue muscle posing and discussions about who’s the strongest!



“It was very helpful and now I’m Hulk”

“Pride Performance has a range of activities to do and I could for sure recommend"


Boys, you did absolutely brilliantly! Your determination and motivation was great and you put in everything you had! We absolutely loved having you down for a session and hopefully we will see you again soon!



Written by British Weightlifting Coach Heather Flannery April 25th 2018