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6 myths debunked about Women & Strength Training (and even some benefits thrown in too!)

Let’s have a look at some myths in strength training for women & some benefits as well as a few quotes from Pride’s own women who strength train and how it makes them feel!

Lifting weights make you bulky;

I could reel off all of the biological and scientific evidence as to why this isn’t true but let’s have a bit of fun instead… Have you seen Mattie Rogers? She’s one of USA top Olympic weightlifters - go find her on Instagram @Mattiecakesssss and then decide if lifting weights makes you bulky! I bet you £15 credit at Pride that the thought doesn’t even cross your mind! But in all seriousness, the truth is that women don't have enough natural testosterone to build enough muscle to become 'bulky'. If you want to 'tone up' which seems to be a regular request from women in the gym, you need to build muscle and strip fat in order to make the muscle more visible and in turn creating the 'toned' look.

I strength train 5x a week - do I look bulky?

I strength train 5x a week - do I look bulky?

Lifting weights will make you gain weight;

Weight on the scales and the inches your body is measured in are not necessarily comparable. Have you ever heard of the saying, muscle weighs more than fat? That's not true, 1lb of muscle is the same as 1lb of fat, but muscle tissue is a lot denser than fat tissue, therefore it fills a smaller space. That said, you may hold 5lb of muscle and still be 'tighter' than when that 5lb was fat.


“Strength training has made me feel strong & confident in myself as not only part of a supportive group of people, they have helped me to achieve my goals which I couldn’t have imagined reaching a year ago. I have also noticed my body becoming more toned and shapely which I had no idea could be achieved doing this type of training. I love what it has done to my confidence and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into shape” – Becky

Weights areas in gyms are intimidating;

Not at Pride, we promise! We strive to be a community, welcoming and supportive of everybody no matter the variable (age, ability etc). I’ve been there (Heather) myself, scared of entering a weights section or a strength gym, so it’s hugely important to us that nobody feels like this coming to Pride! Strength training gyms as a whole are the most welcoming gyms you’ll ever encounter; the strength community is like one big family! To read more about coach Heather's story and how she overcame the fear of the gym to owning her own, click here

“The owners are friendly and enthusiastic, nothing is too much trouble. If you want an approachable gym and atmosphere give this place a go!!” – Karrina

“From the minute we arrived we felt like part of the Pride.” – Kristin

“I hadn’t properly trained powerlifting before joining pride and I can definitely say that it was one of the best decisions I have made, and I’m never going to look back now. Pride is somewhere to get great training and not feel self-conscious or nervous. Would highly recommend joining the Pride” - Grace

Creating a community

Creating a community

Cardio burns more calories than weightlifting;

Not only does strength training add more definition to your body, tightening you in those areas you want to create a 'toned look' but it increases your metabolic rate (the amount of calories burned) and in turn your fat loss resulting in a leaner muscle mass and less body fat, a result which cardio alone cannot give you.

“I've been back doing strength training for 4 weeks and am really impressed with my results. Within that time, I have done no CV (cardio vascular), I have simply done weight training including powerlifting and strongman training & plyometric box jumps. I am really pleased already with my definition and all over body toning which has occurred in that time. I feel so much happier, calmer and confidence and starting to feel summer ready. My sessions with Heather have really helped with this transformation, the sessions are challenging yet fun, they push me far further than I would push myself and you can feel your exerts the next day. Strength training is definitely far more proactive for me than CV ever was.” – Rebecca


If you stop lifting, your muscle will turn to fat;

Fat and muscle are two completely different types of tissue and one cannot be exchanged directly for the other. We may find from long periods of rest that muscle cells atrophy (shrink) which in turn may decrease metabolism so continuing to eat the same without the same training may cause you to gain fat however that is a result of lack of training as opposed to your muscle turning into fat.

Weightlifting for women is dangerous;

Well, it could be but so can crossing the road if you don't look both ways. As with anything, weightlifting can be dangerous if it is done incorrectly, without proper technique or equipment and a too heavy load but this is for both sexes, there is no further dangers for women than men. But with proper guidance, equipment and form, weightlifting has a number of physical and health benefits.



 Allows you to eat a higher number of calories.
 Increased muscle increases metabolism and in turn fat loss.
 Builds muscle to sculpt curves creating the toned look you’re looking for.
 Weightlifting boosts your confidence, in yourself and in the gym.
 It’s fun.
 It’s empowering.
 It's rewarding.

“Strength training makes me feel independent. I am strong, from my own hard work & dedication. No-one has given it to me & no-one can take it away” – Jenni

What can Pride offer women wanting to strength train?

At Pride, we offer a range of classes and courses which are suitable for women of all ages and abilities as well as personalised programming or coaching as well as personal experience in both being new to strength training and it's benefits and on being nervous of entering a strength gym! To learn more about Pride, click here.

Fat loss bootcamp

At Pride, we've created our Boot Camp which will not only achieve the weight-loss and body sculpted results that you want but it'll teach you to understand your own training, technique, and nutrition, as well as giving you your own personalised macro's to follow to better your results! This plan doesn't mean you have to eat perfect all day every day, don't worry, that glass of red can still be yours at the end of a hard day!

Women's only strength camp

We have women’s only strength camp - build a strong feminine physique whilst becoming the strongest version of yourself! All abilities welcome! Women's strength camp is £5 for drop in and decreases in price with the purchase of different class memberships.

Beginners Weights

On a Wednesday 9:30 am-10:30 am, we have beginner's weights - want to take up a strength or weightlifting program but don't know where to start? We've all been there, us included! Whether you're new to the gym or just the weights section, help is here! Beginners weights incorporates strength training into circuits, teaching technique whilst building strength, burning fat and most importantly, having fun!

7-week Barbell Basics Course

We offer a 7-week Barbell Basics Course on a Wednesday 7:30 pm-9 pm or Monday 1-230pm. Barbell basics is an introductory course into how to lift weight safely and effectively. This class is ideal for beginners who are interested in getting stronger or learning how to use weights. The gym is closed for these sessions and they're limited to 6 people in order to provide the best coaching to all. Each week will focus on a different barbell movement; squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, snatch, clean and jerk; finishing with a technique competition on the 7th week to see what we've learnt!

Weightlifting Club

Weightlifting Club 3:30 pm-5:30 pm Sunday and 7:30 pm-9 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! Weightlifting club is semi-private coaching in a supportive group environment, working together as a group as well as on your own strengths and weaknesses. Our weightlifting club is specially designed sessions to specifically improve your snatch and clean and jerk, and get you working towards your next goal. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced weightlifter working towards a new PB, refining your technique or even a beginner interested in getting into the sport? This club is for you. Regular in-house competitions will be ran as a way to measure technique and see progress.

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If this has reassured you and you're thinking about taking the next step and coming into the gym, contact us for a free consultation and Pride will support you in your journey.