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What results are you striving for?

At Pride, we guarantee you will reach your goals and gain results. From fat loss to becoming a record holding athlete, Pride have achieved a range of results for their members.

Health includes a range of physical and mental conditions such as fitness, weight loss and well-being. No matter what your goal in life; weight loss, athletic performance or improved mental well being; health is at the centre. At Pride, weightlifting and strength sports are our health, our expertise and the centre of our doing.

Come and join our Pride, experience our methodologies and be coached by us, put your health first and achieve results as soon as possible!

Your Journey

  1. Free consultation
    We want to get to know you, your health, your journey so far, goals and the why's behind those goals. The more we know, the better product we can provide

  2. Assessment
    What does it include? - Injury check, mobility, movement, technique, performance benchmarks.

  3. Recommendation
    Based on our findings from your assessment, we will offer you advice on how to improve and increase your mobility and technique as well as what supplements you can take to decrease any deficiencies which will lead to better health, training and every day life.

  4. Join the Pride
    We will then guide you in the direction which is best for you whether it be personal training, a gym membership or weightlifting club.

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