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 Youth (11-17)

We have two options for our youth members at Pride;

  • Monthly membership

  • Youth Weightlifting Club

  • Youth Fit classes

  • Pay as you go (both open gym or classes)

Monthly Membership -

Youth anytime membership for the use of the gym. 11-14 year old’s must be accompanied by an adult in the use of open gym but 15+ can attend independently once given the go ahead by either coach. This can be through a PT session, assessment or classes.

Youth Fit Class -

Looking to get fitter, have more energy and wanting to find a class that's fun? Youth Fit is for you. Using a range of equipment and body weight exercises, Youth fit guarantees to be fun and get you fitter.

Youth Weightlifting Club -

Olympic weightlifting is one of the most effective ways of improving performance in any sport as well as being an exciting sport in it's own right. Come and join us in these sessions whether you want to be the learn a new sport, improve performance of a sport you already do or take it one step further and strive to be the next Britain on the Olympic stage. Ran the same as our adults weightlifting club, there are 4 classes per week available and you sign up for either 2 or 4 depending on your membership. This also includes your monthly gym membership once given the go ahead by coach and a program to follow in Pride independently

Pay as you go -

11-17 year olds can pay as you go at Pride on a drop in basis for both open gym sessions (age rules apply as above) or classes.